When we met up with the manager of the Garden Barn, we quickly became aware of the limitations of the way it was built and the way it was presented to customers! It felt dated and was uneditable by our client. This needed to change!

We spent time talking about the clients goals for the website. He expressed that he did not want an ecommerce site, as he felt he wouldn’t be able to stay on top of managing it. Similarly, he didn’t want to have a blog section of the website. However, he did want to be able to update some of the information when needed, and add new photographs of some of the products.

The client received a newly designed website that was more up-to-date with design trends and really showed off his fantastic photography. The navigation is simple and the information is kept minimal. It’s easy to see the sorts of things that the client sells, and it’s easy to get in touch with the shop if needed.